Many tips to celebrate a Star Wars Party! May the force be with Mummy!!!

«  Da  , Da  , Da… Da Da Da, Da Da Da » If you are the mother (or the partner) of a Star Wars fan, you know the song I’m singing!

The fans of the Star Wars saga have been waiting for that moment for so long! This week, the Star Wars 7: «  The Force Awakens » has been finally released! Yeaaahhhh!!!!

Personally, I cannot say I’m a huge fan, but I know someone at home who is delighted, and I also know we’ll have a cinema date planned during the holidays! (Sure darling! then next friday we come back for « My best friend’s wedding » ;-))

I bet that now you’ll be invited to much more Star Wars birthday parties than before! Happy??? and your kids will want their own too!!! Double happy??!!!! 🙂

So let’s get ready … and « May the force be with Mummy! » 

1- The « sweet table »

You know how much we like a nice sweet table! That’s what the guests see first when they enter the room and the waoowwww reaction follows!!! (1 point for mummy ;-)) I really like this table below, everything there seems acheivable and yet beautiful. If you are planning a party at home and you want to get yourself busy with some DIY & cooking, you can do it! 🙂


(Photo credit:

Of course you can also get inspired by this party too … but well… you’d better be super trained or/& well equipped or/& surrounded by good profesional helpers …!? Do you know a good party planner??? hahaha


(Photo credit: funidelia)

The following party was organized in a rented kids party venue (Espai d’0ci, for those leaving in Barcelona)



For this Hip Hip outdoor Star Wars party, the terrace was completely decorated in the theme with lots pompoms, balloons, banners and a piñata. More pictures here.


2- The details

Yes, let’s talk about details!! You know the little cake topper? the arrow directing the guests toward the party? Your son called « Jedi Jake » ….? All those little things which added together make a great themed party! 😉

hiphiphurray-2 - copie


(Photo credit:



(Photo credit:


HipHipHurray-2 - copie 2


3- The Birthday Cake

How to get a very good looking and yet yummy cake for a themed birthday party? You always have the 2 teams: those going for the « homemade » simple, testy and the kids love it too option – oups! sorry!!  the mummy loves it too option 🙂 and the team choosing the american style/wedding cake style option which is getting so popular with the kids!!

HipHipHurray-3 - copie

You can also add other sweets like those chocolate & cookies:


(Photo credit:

hiphiphurray-9 - copie

4- Let’s play!

Will you hire someone to entertain the kids? are you thinking face painting? Games? Activities? Here are some ideas…

A profesional entertainer doing face painting, balloons/lightsabers, dance…

hiphiphurray-5 - copie

HipHipHurray-4 - copie

Some games: Let’s release Han Solo!! He’s been frozen by Dar Vador!!!


(Photo credit:


(Photo credit:

Jedi training challenge:


For the little ones or to end a super high in energy party, some coloring …


You can find them on Etsy and I think they are super cute!!  Star Wars coloring pages

6- Fancy dress

Kids love getting their favorite character clothes on or mask!! It adds a little touch that you should not miss!!

A piece of fabric and voilà! so easy!!!


(Photo credit:


(Photo credit:

hiphiphurray-7 - copie


7- The invitations

Do you send out the invitations by email (so quick I know!!) or would you choose a printed invitation version?


Available here!


(Photo credit: coolmompicks)

A designed one! So pretty! tempted ??!! 🙂

And look at this other one too!! Find it here!


(Photo credit: coolmompicks)

I could go on and go on with ideas and inspirations for this theme party! I hope you find some good tips and remember: « May the force be with mummy!! » 🙂

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