Life is always better at the Beach! The best Hip Hip Party of 2016 in the Sand!

 I honestly don’t really know where to start in sharing our experience of organizing this Beach Party in Barceloneta…but I will begin with this: it was the biggest and best party the Hip Hip Team did (so far!).  When you are planning a big party yourself, take a look at the steps we took to make it happen and hopefully you will get some ideas from it (or call us to help you ;-).


It all began 3 weeks (eeeekkkk! Just 3 weeks, are you serious?) before the big date when Owen & Noahs dads wanted to celebrate the 4th birthday of their sons. And really…they wanted it all:

A classy, super fun, no-candy, great food & perfect party! And that is what they got, but what a thrilling journey!


Location (most important!): somewhere by the beach, privatised, place for a bouncy castle, around 120 guests, classy…It was the first time we went to the Beachclub in Barceloneta and we will definetely come back there. We really took our clients by the hand and showed them the locations and this was the winner. A creative and out-of the box look, transformed the petanque field into a great party space…except that there was nothing, nothing on it…so call in the Carpa specialist! Not one of those clasic boring carpas, but a nice white and wooden carpa, fitting the taste of our clients! So first problem solved: the space too sunny? Not anymore: check shade!


Decoration: we got carte blanche in the decoration, honestly to get the confidence from them to make this empty and boring space look great, is the thrill of our work! First the theme: Patrulla Canina for the kids’ side of the tent and Beach & Cocktails for the adult side of the tent. So first bring in the Balloon specialist! 8 Times 1 meter big helium balloons: that set the tone. Gorgeous colors: dusty pink, turquiose and light blue. Our own handmade pompoms and fabric back drops (this is our tip to you: make a colorful fabric backdrop for your pictures, looks amazing!), more balloons and lots and lots of wooden crates! The big hit of the party were the name confetti balloons, cool Patrulla Canina style!

HipHipHurray-2 - copieHipHipHurray-35


The Patrulla Canina theme has been done so many times, but we managed to make it look good this time! Our designer made super fun toppers, personalised name posters, gift tags and som much more. And the fact that everytthing was personalised with their names, made it so special!

HipHipHurray-4 - copie 2 - kopie

With the Beach & Cocktail theme we went a bit crazy! It’s such a great theme to style your party with: bright happy colors, surfboards, cocktails, pineapples and palm trees everywhere!


Catering: healthy and good quality please! That was our mission…and I am very sure we succeeded. No candy, but delicious alternatives. Our caterer did an beyond amazing job to comply to the wishes of our client (inclucing the chicken nugets that the kids really liked ;-), and everything styled in the Beach Theme. The buffet looked so so yummy, and I have to admit that it tasted fantastic. We never received so many complements on the food as during this party. Have you ever thought of ice cream cones, with do-it-yourself fresh fruit fillings?

HipHipHurray-2 - copie 3 - kopieHipHipHurray-21HipHipHurray-22

Cake and dulces: unmissable at any party A gorgeous cake, Canina style of course! With matching and personalised cookies… and cupcakes… and cakpops… and brownies! I had to contain myself to not jump into all this sweet yumminess! Tip: stay within the chosen color theme!

HipHipHurray-3 - kopieHipHipHurray-10 - copie

HipHipHurray-8 - copie




















Cocktails: ok, this was my favorite part of the whole party! An open cocktail bar with virgin San Fransiscos, Blue Margaritas and Frozen Daiquiris…do I need to say more? Chin Chin!

PicMonkey CollageEntertainment: a bouncy castle is always a hit with kids. And when it is a hit with the kids, it is also a hit with the parents (who love to see happy kids, while sipping on a Margarita!)

HipHipHurray-11 - copieGifts: let’s break with the tradition of giving candy as a Thank You gift, we choose a personalised cookie and a giant bubble bottle in the theme. A small and thoughtful gift.

PicMonkey Collage 2
The Hip Hip Team: this is going to sound a bit emotional, but I cried a few times during the prepartion of this party…looking at our amazing team made me feel so blessed to do this work! Our three assistants working like crazy, our balloon specialist helping the caterer fix the last parts of the bufffet, the manager of the club and all the technicians help on putting all the elements together, the entertainer staying longer at our request to help out with unforseen chalenges,  without them it would not have been posible to create this dream! Thank you!


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