Hip Hip DIY Advent Calendars and much more!! Just a few days left!!

In November, we always say « this year, I will get everything done for Christmas much sooner! and I will relax and enjoy the last preparations in December! »   So…?  are you a super mega well organized woman -and I just envy you so much! – or are you late like me and you still have on your to-do-list the DIY Advent Calendar (and much more things) you promised to do with your kids?

So here we go… the hunt for this year advent calendar has started a few days ago. After having used our last one for 2 consecutive years (euuhhh may I say I was in the 1st trimestre of my pregnancy last year and I could not been asked to create a new one!), it was time to get my favorite Pinterest Board, get my papers, strings, scissors and tape… and officially announce the 2015 Christmas Season has started at Hip Hip Hurray’s!

This year I went for the wood/strings/Cute Bags and Numbers idea! 🙂


° A piece of wood from my last walk in the wood

° Some cute little cream bags with gold stars from Meri Meri

° Red strings from Tiger 

° Labels with numbers from Ikea

And voilà!



Last year (and the year before ;-)), we opted for the little brown enveloppes pined on a board:


Also in 2014, we loved what Zü offered:





Zü ’s world with her DIY calendar here!

In the same type of « construction » idea, what about going for a calendar in a shape of mountains?


(photo credit & DIY calendar: www.pluiedeconfettis.com)

Finally, something I really treasure is the « Advent Calendar Gift » in a box!! A special friend prepared this box last year and I received it at home. Everyday I had a little parcel to open with a note. It was such a treat!!! 🙂


Have you thought now about what to put inside those little bags, parcels, houses, mountains……?

Of course, I’ve put some tiny little surprises for my kids and some chocolate for the all family, but I also like personally to mix it with a few notes like those:

° painting activities

° movie night

° christmas cards decoration

° crêpes for diner

° decorating the tree

° 2 Christmas Bedtime Stories

° make our own gift decoration …….

And now have fun!!! 


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