First Communion for 2 friends: decoration & set up by Hip Hip Hurray!

After having done so many birthday parties for the last 2 years, we helped 2 mums organizing a Communion for their daughters!

And we loved it!!


Their request was clear: 2 tables, a «sweet» and a «savory» one with a big backdrop for each of them. An elegant theme for 2 princesses in colours lilac, pink, beige & white. Setting up the all party before the guests arrive… Let’s do it!!


The catering for the «adults» table was taking care by the 2 mums. When the catering company delivered the food at the venue, we were there to welcome them, so that our clients could relax and get ready for the church ceremony.


Details are important.

For an elegant touch to the decoration, flowers are the best! Tulle pompoms were used to hide the ugly part of the plant.

hiphiphurray-1-5  hiphiphurray-1
This is what I call a «huge backdrop«! Don’t you? 😉 and lots of pink too !!! ahahaha. What an amazing effect! waowww!

You see, wherever we organize a party (at home, in a rented venue, in a garden…) everything is possible! And that’s why we love our job! Getting a personalized, bespoke, homemade decoration and waiting for the last minute when everything comes together and we can see the emotion in the mummy’s eyes! (and not only hers!!)


More details …



Fabric, fabric, fabric …


Pompoms, pompoms, pompoms … 😉 with a few Honeycombs & the initial letters of the 2 girls

hiphiphurray-1-2It is the peak season for the communions but it’s not too late to contact us for any of our services: we either plan the all party for you or only help with what is necessary! Set up, decorations, photography…?

Venue: Festial

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