Festial: our collaboration to the annual meeting for bloggers

Last week, we had the privilege to be part of a special event for bloggers organized by Mireia, the owner of a new venue called Festial!


The 2nd edition of the «encuentro Festial de familias bloggers» was made to get together bloggers from Barcelona, mummies (but not only!) who share in their blog their experiences of having kids in the city. And we know so well how it is important to share any types of experience!! ;-))

Among those bloggers, we met:

Eva, one of the creator of Barcelonacolours, a web platform where you’ll find any kind of tips on what to do or where to go with your munchkins in and around Barcelona…

Laura, the manager of Pequefriendly, a reference to find places (restaurants, shops, activities…) adapted for families in Spain.

Ana, a very active mum, shares on her blog  «mama oveja» lots of books suggestions, her experience as a mum and whatever nice she does in Barcelona.

Anabel, created La nave de V where she tells you what she thinks about products she tasted, places she went to, activities she did with her daughter.

Mercedes, from Anotherbcn offers an alternative guide of Barcelona. This time this is not a website focused on children but on the city we all leave, Barcelona!

hiphiphurray-1Let’s go back to this new venue called Festial! and let me tell you a bit more about it!! 🙂

In Barcelona, this is quite common to find those huge venues made especially for kids party, with space to run, a soft play area with a toboggan & a ball pool for the youngest, a table football for the older kids and tables & chairs for everyone. In my opinion, they are not the prettiest venues and I would prefer personally having a party outside, with some fresh air and daylight (those venues do not have windows letting the daylight getting through). Nevertheless I have to admit that the kids LOVE them !!


Festial is one of them. It has opened last year and since then it is really successful. And now that we know it, we can say that Hip Hip Hurray likes it too!!!

What makes it unique compared to its competitors are a much larger space, 2 trampolines (as well as the soft play area) and 1 person very kind to talk to Mireia! (not an impersonal helpline answering your questions cause the owner is busy dealing with 20 other venues…)

So if you are looking for a new place to go for your kids’ birthday party or whatever other kind of celebrations you want to organize (a communion, a baptism, a family meeting… ) we strongly recommend Festial!! And along with Mireia, Hip Hip Hurray will be very pleased to help you organize your special event!! 😉


A little bit of Frozen is always welcome in a party! 🙂

hiphiphurray-44 I’m sure Úrsula from Hansel & Greta will agree! 😉


For the event, we prepared a lovely table with a selection of our favorite food: popcorn, little sandwiches, sugar free muffins, carrot & humus, fruit skewers… all along with lots of decoration matching the colour theme yellow, blue & red: personalized banner, pompoms, balloons, tags …


hiphiphurray-6Paper craft was used as a table cloth and to describe the food we were serving, a white marker pen did the trick straight on the craft paper …


Name tags are always needed at an event. When you meet someone and you forgot its name 5 min later, you are quite pleased to look at its tag discreetly, aren’t you? 😉

Craft tags were ready for each bloggers and their kids with a piece of velcro at the back especially made for paper & fabric! soooo clever!!



For sure this event was a great success! Lovely people, perfect venue and good organization. The kids loved it and so did the parents!

hiphiphurray-25Montse & Victor from El petit magazin!




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